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Vancouver Area Mountain Trails- Munro Lake, Dennett Lake

Munro Lake, Dennett Lake: Elevation 960 meters (3139 feet)

Approximately 40 KM (25 miles) from Vancouver, British Columbia. Hiking time round trip- 6.5 to 7 hrs. Round trip roughly 10 KM (6.2 miles), elevation gain-860M (2812 feet). Best time is usually June to September.

This trail is best hiked on a sunny day. Otherwise the views can be limited by fog.

Directions: From Vancouver get on Highway 7 (Lougheed Highway) heading east towards Port Coquitlam. A short distance east of Port Coquitlam turn left (north) onto Coast Meridian Road. Look for Apel Road which will be roughly 2.4KM (1.5 miles) north. Turn right onto Apel Road. Then turn right onto Victoria Drive. At the fork on the top of a rise take the left road. This road goes to Minnekhada Regional Park and eventually becomes Quarry road. In 2003 the road was gravel in this area. From the entrance to Minnekhada Regional Park drive 3.5KM (2.8 miles) crossing over two creeks. Look for an old logging road on the left that heads up a hill. There was a small area here where one could park. The trail head is found on the right about a 5 minute walk up this logging road. The trail is quite steep for much of the hike. There are some viewpoints of Pitt River. Once on Burke Ridge the trail levels out. There is a fork where a trail joins from the left. Note which fork one has to take coming back. It is easy on the return to start heading down the wrong fork. Shortly after this fork is Munro Lake. Munro Lake has shrunk but the lake and marshlands can still be quite scenic. The trail to Dennett Lake is found by going around the west side of the lake. There should be flags or other markers where the trail starts into the forest. Dennett Lake is roughly 1KM (0.6 mile) and a bit of a climb up this trail. This small lake on a sunny day is very scenic.

The pictures below of the lakes were unfortunately taken on a foggy day and don't show how scenic they can be when the weather is better.

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Munro Lake, Dennett Lake Trail 2003/10

On Burke Ridge, Munro and Dennett Lakes 2003-10. Munro Lake marshes, Munro and Dennett Lakes 2003-10. Main body of Munro Lake, Munro and Dennett Lakes 2003-10.
Start of trail on west side of Munro Lake to Dennett Lake, Munro and Dennett Lakes 2003-10. Shore line of Dennett Lake after the fog lifted, Munro and Dennett Lakes 2003-10. Looking across Dennett Lake after the fog lifted, Munro and Dennett Lakes 2003-10.

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