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Vancouver Area Mountain Trails- Mount Seymour

Mount Seymour: Elevation 1455 meters (4758 feet)

Approximately 25 KM (15.5 miles) from Vancouver, British Columbia. Hiking time round trip- 5 to 5.5 hrs. Round trip roughly 9KM (5.6 miles), elevation gain-455M (1488 feet). Best time is usually July to October.

Directions: From highway 1 in North Vancouver take the Mount Seymour exit, keep right and get onto the Mount Seymour Parkway. Follow Mount Seymour Parkway heading east. Watch for a sign saying Mount Seymour Road. Turn left onto Mount Seymour road which will climb to the Mount Seymour ski area. Park near the north end of the parking lot. Note: There may be parking meters and a ticket will have to purchased and put on the dash. The trail is well marked but with the number of trails on the mountain one can get confused. Stay on the trails, it is easy to get lost or stuck on this mountain. The trail starts on the west side of the Manning ski run. One just has to follow the markers and signs. The trail climbs eventually doing a short descent into a meadow and then resumes climbing again. Watch for a fork that will have signs for Elsay Lake and Mount Seymour. Take the left fork for Mount Seymour. The left trail goes to the Second and Third Peaks. Getting to the top of the peaks involves some scrambling. The leg to the Third Peak has a steep drop off that requires caution. On a clear day the summit provides excellent views for a long distance of the lower mainland. The photos below from a cloudy day in 2003 show parts of the trail and some of the viewpoints.

Mount Seymour 2003/07

Viewpoint, part way up the trail, Mount Seymour 2003-07. Looking back down the trail, Mount Seymour 2003-07. Looking north at the trail ascending the next peak, Mount Seymour 2003-07.
On the trail going to a peak, Mount Seymour 2003-07. Scrambling up a peak, Mount Seymour 2003-07. Viewpoint from a high point, Mount Seymour 2003-07.
View from the peak, Mount Seymour 2003-07. Another view from the peak with a raven in the foreground, Mount Seymour 2003-07. Another view from the peak, Mount Seymour 2003-07.

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