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Hope Mountain Trails- Frosty Mountain

Frosty Mountain: Elevation 2410 meters (7881 feet)

Approximately 220 KM (137 miles) from Vancouver, British Columbia. Hiking time round trip- 8 to 8.5 hrs. Round trip roughly 22KM (13.7 miles), elevation gain-1150M (3761 feet). Best time is usually late July to early October.

Directions: From Vancouver drive east on highway 1. At Hope take highway 3 going east. Stay on highway 3 for approximately 67KM (41.6 miles) which takes one to Manning Park Lodge. At Manning Park Lodge turn right (south) onto Gibson Pass Road. Follow Gibson Pass Road for roughly 3KM (1.9 miles) which leads to the Lighting Lakes parking areas. The trail is found at the east end of the lake on its south side. Cross the dam to get on the south side. The trail steadily climbs in a series of switch backs for roughly 7KM (4.4 miles) before the grade eases off somewhat. The trail then passes through an old forest of alpine latch and steadily becomes more open and rocky. The peak is reached following the trail up a narrow ridge. This is a long strenuous hike and the time has to watched to ensure a return in daylight. However even if one doesn't go all the way to the peak it is still a very interesting and scenic hike. The photos below from 2001/07 show parts of the trail to Frosty Mountain and some of the many viewpoints.

Frosty Mountain 2001/07

At the part of the trail where it levels off a bit, Frosty Mountain 2001-07. Mountain view further up the trail, Frosty Mountain 2001-07. Trail continues to climb, looking down into a valley, Frosty Mountain 2001-07.
Another mountain view from the trail, Frosty Mountain 2001-07. Higher up the landscape opens up, Frosty Mountain 2001-07. Looking at a ridge to the left, Frosty Mountain 2001-07.
Looking at the ridge leading to a peak, Frosty Mountain 2001-07. On the ridge, looking back at the trail, Frosty Mountain 2001-07. Final leg to a peak heading into fog, Frosty Mountain 2001-07.
Heading back down the ridge, looking down into a valley, Frosty Mountain 2001-07. Heading back down, still snow in spots, Frosty Mountain 2001-07. Heading back, looking down a ridge, Frosty Mountain 2001-07.

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