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Hope Mountain Trails- Eaton Lake

Eaton Lake: Elevation 1325 meters (4333 feet)

Approximately 160 KM (99 miles) from Vancouver, British Columbia. Hiking time round trip- 6 to 6.5 hrs. Round trip roughly 8KM (5 miles), elevation gain-915M (2992 feet). Best time is usually July to September.

Directions: From Vancouver drive east on highway 1. Past Chilliwack look for Exit 168 which will be found between Chilliwack and Hope. Take Exit 168 and watch for Silver Skagit Road which will be just before the bridge over Silverhope Creek. Turn onto Silver Skagit Road heading south. Stay on this road for a bit past 16KM (9.9 miles). Look for an old road on the left with a sign saying Eaton Forest Recreation Site. This rough narrow road ends after a short distance at the trailhead. The old road is followed for several minutes and then one is on a trail. The trail is close to Eaton Creek and does a series of switch backs as it climbs. The grade makes it a strenuous climb but provides an early view of a waterfall, and the mountains in a forest setting as it climbs between two creeks. Eaton Lake and its background are well worth the climb. The photos below from 2001/07 show the lake and some of the viewpoints.

Eaton Lake 2001/07

A waterfall a short distance up the trail, Eaton Lake 2001-07. Mountain view part way up the trail, Eaton Lake 2001-07. Trail often passes beside a creek, Eaton Lake 2001-07.
Nearer the lake the creek gets larger, Eaton Lake 2001-07. View of part of the lake, Eaton Lake 2001-07. Another picture of this sizable lake, Eaton Lake 2001-07.
Looking towards the far end of the lake, Eaton Lake 2001-07.

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