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Hope Mountain Trails- Needle Peak

Needle Peak: Elevation 2100 meters (6867 feet)

Approximately 195 KM (121 miles) from Vancouver, British Columbia. Hiking time round trip- 7 to 8 hrs. Round trip roughly 13KM (8.1 miles), elevation gain-855M (2796 feet). Best time is usually July to September. The trail is very scenic, winding through a mix of forest and alpine meadows and climbing a long ridge up to Needle Peak.

Directions: From Vancouver drive east past Hope and onto highway 5 (The Coquihalla Highway). Watch for Exit 217 (Zopkios Ridge Lookout), take this exit and park nearby the Highway Works Yard. Note: Some parts of the yard do not allow parking. The trail starts behind the Highway Works Shed. Look for the trail markers.

Needle Peak 2001/08

Parking in Highway Works Yard, Needle Peak Trail 2001-08. Short distance up the Needle Peak Trail 2001-08. Coming up to a ridge in the alpine, Needle Peak Trail 2001-08.
Needle Peak in the distance, Needle Peak Trail 2001-08. View of distant mountains from ridge, Needle Point Trail 2001-08. Another view from ridge, Needle Point Trail 2001-08.
Crossing alpine meadows, Needle Point Trail 2001-08. Rock formation near Needle Peak 2001-08. On final leg to Needle Peak 2001-08.
Large boulders on final leg to Needle Peak 2001-08. Approaching Needle Peak 2001-08. Near base of Needle Peak 2001-08.
Looking back on ridge leading to Needle Peak 2001-08. Near Needle Peak, looking back down the trail 2001-08. View from narrow trail up Needle Peak 2001-08.
Rock formation on Needle Peak 2001-08.

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