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Penticton Mountain Trails- Channel Pathway

Channel Pathway: Elevation 347 meters (1135 feet).

Located on the west side of Penticton, British Columbia. Biking time round trip- 1.5 to 2 hrs allowing for stops. Round trip roughly 11KM (7 miles), elevation gain-flat. Best time is usually April to October.

Directions: The Channel Pathway provides a pleasant walk or bike ride on the outskirts of Penticton. In Penticton drive south to highway 97 where a bridge crosses over the Channel Parkway. Heading west just after the bridge turn right into a parking area by the west side of the Channel Parkway. Follow the Channel Pathway heading north which will end at the north end of Penticton on the shore of Okanagan Lake. There are old ships anchored here that were used to carry passengers and freight on Okanagan Lake before the railway came. There is also the option of biking the KVR from Penticton to Summerland by taking a trail off the Channel Pathway. This trail is found about 3.5KM (2.2 miles) north. There is a gate with an opening beside the gate and a trail heading west. This trail will link up with the KVR rail bed and heads north to Trout Creek on the outskirts of Summerland. See the Kettle Valley Railway Penticton to Summerland trail description under Penticton trails. The photos below show the Channel Pathway and provide a bit of description.

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Channel Pathway-Penticton 2011/10

Parking at south end of Penticton off Highway 97, Channel Pathway 2011-10. Start of the Channel Pathway, Channel Pathway 2011-10. View to the west, KVR rail bed can be seen on the hillside, Channel Pathway 2011-10.
This trail will lead to the KVR rail bed, see KVR Penticton to Summerland, Channel Pathway 2011-10. Further along the Channel Pathway, looking north towards Mt Nkwala, Channel Pathway 2011-10. Golf course on the west side of the Channel Pathway, Channel Pathway 2011-10.
Channel Pathway goes under the bridge on Highway 97 north end of Penticton, Channel Pathway 2011-10. Can cross over to the other side of the Channel here, Channel Pathway 2011-10. Continuing north Channel Pathway ends at Okanagan Lake, Channel Pathway 2011-10.
Old ships anchored, part of a paddle wheeler can be seen on the right, Mt Campbell in the background, Channel Pathway 2011-10.

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