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Whistler Mountain Trails- Black Tusk

Black Tusk: Elevation 2315 meters (7570 feet)

Note: The following is for the route to Black Tusk using the Black Tusk Microwave Road. Alternate routes which are much longer are via Taylor Meadows or Helm Lake. A four wheel drive with good ground clearance is recommended for the Black Tusk Microwave Road unless it has been improved. This road is sometimes closed or may be gated. Best check on the status of the road before using this route.

Approximately 130 KM (81 miles) from Vancouver, British Columbia. Hiking time round trip- 5 to 7 hrs. Round trip roughly 14 KM (8.7 miles), elevation gain-835meters (2,730 feet). Best time is usually July to September.

From Vancouver head north on highway 99 towards Whistler. Using Cleveland Avenue in Squamish as the zero marker drive roughly 51KM (31.7 miles) towards Whistler, cross the railway tracks, and make right turn onto Cheakamus Lake Road. A short distance in take the right fork which is an approximately 16 KM (10 miles) 4-wheel drive road leading to the Black Tusk Microwave Tower. The road gains considerable altitude with a number of switch backs. Depending on the time of year one may eventually get stopped by snow. There is a clearing some distance below the tower which provides a good place to park and ensures one has not driven past the park boundary. Hike past the tower to pick up the trail leading towards Black Tusk. Note: Access to the peak is by a short climb up a chimney. The trail leads to the chimney to be used. If one decides to do this climb note the route taken on the way up as there is a fork in the chimney. It is easy to take the wrong fork when climbing back down. It also can be much easier going up than coming down. There are some sheer drop offs at the top.

Black Tusk 2000/09

Hiking towards the Black Tusk Tower after parking below in a clearing 2000-09. Inukshucks in the mist past the towers, trail to Black Tusk 2000-09. Closeup of one of the Inukshucks past the towers, trail to Black Tusk 2000-09.
On a rust colored ridge in the mist, trail to Black Tusk 2000-09. Black Tusk in the distance seen through the mist 2000-09. Crossing mounds of Talus and some snow, trail to Black Tusk 2000-09.
Trail starts to rapidly climb, Black Tusk trail 2000-09. Ancient volcanic flows, trail to Black Tusk 2000-09. Large lake (Garibaldi?) in distance, trail to Black Tusk 2000-09.
Large valley in the distance, trail to Black Tusk 2000-09. Striking view from high up the trail to Black Tusk 2000-09. Near the final stage of the trail to Black Tusk 2000-09.
Winding around the south wall to a usable access chimney, trail to Black Tusk 2000-09. View from south wall of what looks like ancient lava flows, trail to Black Tusk 2000-09. Start of climb up chimney, Black Tusk 2000-09.
Misty view from top of Black Tusk after climb up chimney 2000-09. Going back down the chimney, taking the fork on the right, Black Tusk 2000-09.

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