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Chilliwack Mountain Trails- Lindeman and Greendrop Lakes

Lindeman and Greendrop Lakes: Elevation 1010 meters (3303 feet)

Approximately 150 KM (93 miles) from Vancouver, British Columbia. Hiking time round trip- 6.5 to 7 hrs. Round trip roughly 11KM (7 miles), elevation gain-480M (1570 feet). Best time is usually June to October.

Directions: Lindeman and Greendrop Lakes are located in the Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. From Vancouver take highway 1 heading east towards Chilliwack. Take Exit 104 and turn right onto No. 3 Road. Note: No. 3 Rd runs into Tolmie Road. At Tolmie Road turn right and short distance down Tolmie Road the continuation of No. 3 Road is found on the left. Turn left back onto No. 3 Road and follow it to Yarrow Central Road. Turn left onto Yarrow Central Road. Follow Yarrow Central Road which becomes Vedder Mountain Road. Follow Vedder Mountain Road to a bridge. Cross the bridge and turn right onto Chilliwack Lake Road. Follow Chilliwack Mountain Road for about 40KM (25 miles). Watch for a sign on the right side of the road for the trailhead. The trail is well marked, and takes one to the south end of Lindeman Lake. There is a beach area on the west shore of the lake.

Continue along the trail to go to Greendrop Lake. The trail winds along the lake side, across a rock slide and goes past the north end of Lindeman Lake. Due to the rocks and talus it can be tricky walking in some areas. The trail passes through open slopes and forested areas. Close to Greendrop Lake there will be a fork. The right fork goes to the near end of Greendrop Lake. The left fork which is part of the Centennial Trail climbs above the lake and provides excellent views. The photos below from 2000 show parts of the trail and some of the viewpoints.

Lindeman and Greendrop Lakes 2000/08

South end of Lindeman Lake, Lindeman Lake 2000-08. North end of Lindeman Lake, Lindeman Lake 2000-08. View of nearby mountains heading north to Greendrop Lake, Lindeman Lake 2000-08.
South end of Greendrop Lake, looking north, Greendrop Lake 2000-08. Above Greendrop Lake on the Centennial Trail, Greendrop Lake 2000-08. Looking down from the Centennial Trail, Greendrop Lake 2000-08.
Another view from the south end, Greendrop Lake 2000-08. The trail above Greendrop Lake, Greendrop Lake 2000-08. Leaves in the lake sparkling in the sun light, Greendrop Lake 2000-08.

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